The Lenses of Life


Sometimes when you wake up from a dream it instills a certain thought in your head. A vision, a clue, a random event you may never be able to relate to. Do you believe it? Or do you doubt your own reality?

Life is such, a little bit of reality blended with equally questionable moments. But what do you believe in is what matters the most. In an instant you may find yourself lost amongst a billion people and on the other hand a content soul amongst a few. It’s the lenses of life that matter the most. Each individual possess the most powerful weapon the mind can possess, it’s called perception. It’s the magic potion of life that each one of us have been gifted with. It’s what makes us unique from one another, makes us more human, because it is when we understand another persons perspective that we expand beyond our own.

A life of luxury is perceived as the ultimate aim for many, but for a few it’s a path filled with moral dilemma. It’s a choice they don’t want to make but have to. When the choices you make are directly related to your satisfaction, then why does the need arise for anyone to build greed for something more? It’s society that creates a mirage of a standard that people need to comply with. Pressures that people need to live with. They confine you to certain behaviours making you no more than every puppet already part of it. A perception which is forced upon each one of us.

Calling India a democratic country is right, but are our people truly democratic? Are the people’s minds free of prejudice and mass behaviour disorder? Do they truly have an identity of their own? A few may argue that our culture is changing and adapting to a more free society. But what about the million other individuals living in remote areas who are untouched by the revolution happening in our cities? Are they are part of it? Or simply the shadow of what’s happening around.

What is the reason behind all this? Is it that the people don’t care or are they simply kept in the dark, blinded by religious mafias and political leaders using them to their advantage. It’s not rocket science. It’s simply a matter of perception, something which has been stolen from our youth by stringent and ridiculous laws. It creates terrorists of highly intelligent individuals and is the reason terrorists groups like ISIS thrive. It’s a web of life in which many get trapped.

In life you always see what you want to. You have the choice to pick the lense of life you want to see.  Today we are comforted by the walls of our home, sitting in secured homes in our cozy beds, but it’s only when you change your lense of life do you realise what is happening around us.

Corruption, crime and terrorism. The three lenses we always refuse to put on. For many it’s just a vision, a clue, or a random event. It’s only when you start believing in the alternate reality around us do we realise that our world is beyond what we wear, where we live or how many of the so called riches we own in life.

So now do you believe in the reality that you live in or do you question it?

Second Thought


Every day is a like a thought in ones head, vanishing without a trace. Few to remember, few to ponder upon. Like a roller coaster with ups and downs, but in a loop which seems to never end. Time is not a dimension of concern, it’s the effort that matters more. We have to choose a road where the destination might be unknown, but the journey is worthwhile. Signs from the universe will guide you through every night, but it is a choice that you have to make. People are the fading horizon on every side, sometimes crossing paths and some throwing light onto another. But the true objective of existence and life cannot be one. There is no one answer to what we seek. With a billion beating hearts and hungry souls walking on the very same floor as you or me, life’s purpose is simple, to live, to exist. We as individuals are not simply called life because we live, it’s called life cause each one of us have a different journey, a different meaning to living and a different perspective to everything we see and feel. So the next time you seek the answer to the very reason of our presence on earth, look within yourself cause the true answer will only be answered by the life in you, your true soul!

Ba-lance of Life

self_portrait_headsplit copy.jpg

You fall, you stand. You break, you repair. A battery is positively charged & negatively charged, the fusion gives out energy. Not clear? It’s simple. Life is a balance, just like a sword on a thin string. Falling either ways disturbs the harmony that the human mind has developed over thousands of years. A life with constant happiness is not real happiness & a life with constant pain, is a life in vain.

To understand this concept better, let’s fade back to 14th century BC, where on the bones of animals, the Chinese had first inscribed the symbol of harmony, the symbol of peace, an important moment in history where the ultimate foundation of world balance was created & it was all in just one symbol.

The Zhuangzi , an ancient Chinese collection of anecdotes & fables stated, “Yin in its highest form is freezing while yang in its highest form is boiling. The chilliness comes from heaven while the warmness comes from the earth. The interaction of these two establishes he (harmony), so it gives birth to things. Perhaps this is the law of everything yet there is no form being seen.” – Zhuangzi, Chapter 21

These underlying words were inscribed by one of China’s most influential philosopher, Zhuang Zhou in the 4th Century BC. According to him life is limited & knowledge to be gained is unlimited, the key reason for him to compile his world famous text, the Zhuangzi. A collection of 33 chapters, chuang-tzu-3[1]divided into 3 noteworthy parts. The 7 ‘Inner chapters’ written by himself, 15 ‘Outer chapters’ written by his disciples & the remaining 11 chapters known as ‘Mixed chapters’, written by other experienced philosophers of his time. This is not just a book, but is one of the foundational, sacred texts of the Taoist belief with Ying & Yang being a fundamental aspect.

Taoism, as a few know, is different from other religions. To begin with, it is not a religion. It starts by teaching a truth, that the ’The Tao (Path) is undefinable’. It teaches us that each person can discover their own Tao in their very own terms. It is a journey of simply accepting yourself, your life & truly discovering who you are. In simple words, it is a system of beliefs, attitudes & actions set towards living to your own nature.

“Taoism is accepting the true nature of your life. Taoism is following your breath to find peace. Taoism is opening up a smile to enable possibility.” – Casey (Website: Personal Tao)

But today our ‘Tao’ (path) is not about merely the need of a home & food, but is about the need of excess luxury, power & greed beyond human recognition. The true nature of life has been hidden behind a lens of our own virtual reality & we are simply slaves to the likes of religious mafias & democratic dictators. Before a new born can set foot upon this lucid dream that we call life, they are categorised & directed, as if brought upon this earth for a mission to achieve. Even though these statements radiate a negative energy, the shocking part is that the facts do not change & your eyes cannot lie. The more we try to resist something, the harder it strikes back the next time. A simple law of life which makes us do things that we choose to, but maybe not want to. An apt moment to quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The world is for everyone’s needs, but not for anyone’s greed”

The one thing which we need in our modern lifestyle today is the art of balance, in everything, whether it’s work, relationships, eating, drinking, talking, it all requires a fitting balance so as to maintain a composing harmony with yourself, your inner-self (soul) & with those around you & most importantly with nature. But how?

Going to back to 3rd century BC, a few people in China were already familiar with the concept of Yin & Yang. A beautiful, fundamental principle rather than a mere philosophy, which became popular at the Chinese school of Yinyang, that taught cosmology & philosophy. The phenomena symbolises that everything we see & feel around exists as an inseparable & contradictory opposite for example:

Night (Yin) Day (Yang)ying-yang2

Female (Yin) Male (Yang)

Moon (Yin) Sun (Yang)

Cold (Yin) Warm (Yang)

Each of the above two opposites attract and complement each other and, as their symbol illustrates, each side has at its core an element of the other (represented by the small dots). Neither side is superior to the other and, as an increase in one brings a corresponding decrease in the other, a correct balance between the two sides must be reached in order to achieve harmony.

“The ancients envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos.” – Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

Everything in our heavenly consciousness is just like a 2 piece puzzle, which when joined creates a state of wholeness, which is unchanging & complete. But when you take apart 1 piece from the puzzle, it upsets the entire equilibrium of wholeness. This is the start of change, the moment where both halves chase each other as they seek a new balance.

“When people see things as beautiful, ugliness is created. When people see things as good, evil is created. Being and non-being produce each other. Difficult and easy complement each other. Long and short define each other. High and low oppose each other. Fore and aft follow each other.” – Tao Te Ching

Today we live in a country filled with millions of motivated, self-driven individuals like you & me who want to leave a mark on this planet & want to bring a change, impacting not only our own lives, but also of the future generations. But in an exponentially growing country like India, when people, politicians & religious conmen create drifts between communities for their own greed & power, using religious know-how & blind beliefs, it just creates fear among people, limits them of their capabilities, withdraws them to a state where they feel democratic, but in actuality are just slaves in the hands of such corrupt humans. It adversely impacts the entire nations efforts to bring our own motherland to such an equilibrium where each of our lives are maybe spent not in luxury, but in peace! It is our very own sub-conscious mind that works towards building this equilibrium that our universe needs & for some a truthful conscious effort, but in every society there exists an evil, a negative force which imbalances the nature of life & which needs to be reversed.

People get killed over eating beef, teenagers are exposed to chronic stress & heart ailments due to performance anxiety (Studies) & stress put on them by their very own parents. We are at war with our own-self, trying to achieve something which has very little value in the true sense of life, not the one which we have created, not the virtual reality that we live in today, but the life which we can touch & feel, a person who we can hug, a flower which we can smell, a fruit which can eat & even the rain which drenches us in it’s moisture of hope & love!

But as the Taoism principle states, ying-yang-tattoos022nothing in life is absolute nor static & to simply live life and discover who you are. The nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead learn acceptance of your nature.

And if anyone asks you what about the existence of God….simply remember one thing “God could or could not exist, and either state doesn’t change the way we lead our lives. Our lives are expressions of action between ourselves and the universe. To respect our surrounding environment is a furthering of respect to ourselves. This manner of living doesn’t change regardless of the nature of God or the Tao.”


Source & Credits: (Mark Cartwright) 

10 ways to build your spiritual strength in 2015 (The modern way)

Feel a little off-track? A little lost? A little scared & confused as to where life is directing you? Don’t stress, it’s normal, we all do sometimes. Whether you’re the CEO of a company, a professional, a student or anyone for that matter, you will once in a while halt & ask yourself this question “What am I doing, what next?” Don’t worry it’s not as serious as it sounds. It’s a calling from within that cannot be heard due to our hectic, cramped lives. A spiritual communication within ourselves that is trying be heard amongst a million voices of the external materialistic world. All we need is a little tuning out from everything around us to be able to hear what we actually feel & not simply what our brain is telling us.


Here are a few steps to help you realign with your inner-self:

1. Zone out
Try to spend some time with yourself & forget about all the issues & barriers you face, as understanding your inner thoughts is the solution to all the dilemmas we face in this world. Write something, read a book or simply gaze at the stars above, the key is in understanding what you really desire from life & in expressing what you actually feel. As they say, “In quietness we turn our minds away from the problems of life and fix our thoughts on the mind of God (The inner you).”

2. Try a new genre of music:
There is no better cure from stress than some good soulful, relaxing music with beats that penetrate your mind gently. The best part is that even after a lifetime, the same tune can take you all the way back there! “Deep house music is music that makes you gently bump your head and close your eyes. It’s the type of music you listen to and instantly feel better – It is therapeutic.” – Gerald Kenosi (South African Deep-house artist). Here’s Something to get you started with:

3. Take a mini-vacation every month: (Road-trip\Treks\Adventure sports)
Time is limited, so travel, discover, experience & make the most of your weekends instead of procrastinating or watching TV shows all day. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

4. Get a drink with your colleagues after work:
Maintaining a healthy work life balance is very important whether you are married or single. Get out on a Monday evening with your work buddies & grab a couple of beers & trust me, Monday’s will never feel the same again & your work life will drastically improve over time. (Caution: Monday’s may end up feeling like Friday’s)

5. Go for a midnight walk:
“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” – Wayne Dyer. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a mansion or a hut, when you step out into the open, the sky, the stars & the beauty of our universe will always be the same. All you need to do is get out & experience a life which is always there, but never felt. Walk on the beach, walk in the park, just surrender your soul to nature for those few moments & forgot about the world. A few practical reasons to go for a night walk:

6. Don’t over-plan & cramp your daily schedule:
Try to keep life simple, it will never let you down. If you have to use the word ‘NO’ don’t hesitate, just say it, because your time & space is of utmost important & committing to something which you may not be able to complete will make you feel worse. So stick to the basics, plan your days in a way where you get enough time to switch between tasks & just enjoy the journey of life, don’t stress! “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates.

7. Learn an instrument (It’s never too late)
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche. Every beat, every tune that is played, directly communicates with our inner self & mastering the instrument means you have established a seamless path to connect with your true feelings. It’s not only about expressing repressed feelings, but is also the road to discover yourself in a new way. So pick up that guitar you always dreamt of, beat those drums you always wanted to & don’t give a shit about your age, cause it never really matters & never will. If you’re yet not convinced, try this

8. Notice synchronicity
Synchronicity is a term used to explain what we ignorantly describe as a coincidence in one’s life. To be more specific I’ll give you an example: A man was wondering whether or not he should follow through on his decision to get a divorce. He turned on the radio and found an ad for available apartment. He smiled and knew what he needed to do. Another example would be thinking of a friend and receiving a phone call from that friend at that time. When you are open to synchronistic events, they can help you make choices in your life, because they are a form of guidance from the Universe. Do not ignore them & instead just look out for a sign when you really need help. It’ll always come.

9. Spend more time with family
It doesn’t matter who your family is, it can be your teacher who you really respect, it may be a best friend from school or your brother or a sister, the point is that always keep the people who really matter to you close as they are the ones who will always stand by you no matter what. Their presence in your life will bring inner peace & a sense of connection between you & them which will always help in building a good spiritual bond. “Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.”

10. Try saying this before you start your day:
“No matter what happens to me, I always have the freedom to choose. I can select joy over despair. I can select love over hate. I can select forgiveness over revenge. I can select growth over stagnation. Remember that a crisis can evoke the best in me or the worst in me. The choice is mine!” – You

What if death is just a myth?

Our existence over a billion years has failed to give us a unified answer to life. The question unanswered being that how does the system of life & death work, how does life start & how does it end. Space consists of multiple universes & the one we are in is not the only one around.

The popular known string theory assumes the possibility of a Multiverse which states that there exists more than a single universe which includes multiple dimensions apart from the ones we are aware of, commonly known as space & time. It is basically a theory of everything that would explain everything we feel, see, or measure. We would understand all the forces and all types of matter. We would know what is most basic and how everything else is composed of these basic parts.

Gaining access to these other dimensions is yet not completely possible in theory, yet suggest a very strong possibility that our universe exists in a particular time in a given space. But when we cease to live in it, I mean when our bodies grow old & our hearts & brains stop functioning, the energy within us will travel into a further dimension thus giving us the access to an alternate existence. It will basically restart the process of evolution from scratch thus combining with other elements to form life!

But on our planet only a handful of humans truly believe that heaven & hell do not exist & there is no way in physics or any other field that it can be proven & is in-fact unanimously believed to be just a myth which we have always been told. It was simply designed to control the minds of humans by the self-made lords of religion, to scare the people of wrongdoing & manipulating them to their advantage. But you will probably be thinking that what on earth is this guy talking, isn’t it good to know what is right & wrong? I ask you one question. ‘Dont each one of us have a conscious to understand what is right & what is wrong? Do we actually need a billion religions to tell us the same thing? Just try looking deep within yourselves & you will find all the answers, because he is in here, not up there!

When we stop existing in this particular time, we will travel deeper into further dimensions, into events we haven’t yet witnessed where we are re-born as we were on this planet just to live a new day, a new life. The string theory which recently has been extended to a new theory called Superstring theory, explains this possibility while proving that multiple universes do exist. Just not in our time & space. But somewhere out there, far far beyond our reach.

Life is a continuous cycle, not of pain, not of torture, but simply of existence. This cycle never ends, as we say there was no start & there will be no end. Life will never cease to exist, it will simply travel across time, space, other dimensions & all that we yet do not know of. Our bodies are simply carriers & are an evidence of what lies across billions of light-years to come and events that have already occurred. We are the living example of what we are in search of. And that is why the possibility of interacting with other universes however exciting it may sound, goes against the laws of nature, the laws which govern everything around us, the laws because of which our existence is possible till date.

In simple words matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred, the same way life can never cease to exist because somewhere far far away, there is a another you, another existence, which is beyond human understanding & beyond our reach. Something which you may never consciously realize. Right now while you sit & read this, you are not aware about your true existence or the fact that we are in a particular dimension & have traveled across billions of light years to reach the place we call earth. And while we search for an answer to something which we may never be aware of, we travel across multiple events to only find ourselves living in this cycle of life. Now try asking yourself once again that how on freakin earth did you end up being here & where are you going next? Hell or heaven?

It’s astonishing how mathematicians & physicists have completely changed the way we look at life & existence. Everything that we have been taught since birth about life starts seeming like just a fairytale. Understanding it’s true nature & clearing our minds about man made stairways to the hell & heavens will help our world to not only evolve towards a brighter future, but also help us eradicate the gravest threats that we face in the time we exist in, like war, poverty, famine & events that would completely destroy the harmony of our existence in this universe.

According to my belief, existence will continue to prevail as long as space and time exist. Maybe just a bit far away, maybe just not on this planet. But someday somewhere you will be reborn with a new destiny, a new world, but the one thing that will never change is the inner you!!

Now does the concept of death scare you or excite you into the possibilities of entering a new world order?

What if this is a dream?

What if this is a dream? What if tomorrow is a dream? What if….yesterday was also a dream? Sounds vague doesn’t it? Yeah I think so too, but certain things in this so called reality of ours make us question facts we possess about ourselves, our time & the true nature of our existence.

dreamHave you ever experienced the feeling of trying to remember certain events that matter a lot to you, but for some reason they seem very distant & delusional? They make you question their existence, their occurrence. You keep trying to dig deeper & deeper trying to figure whether the flash of certain events in your head was a reality or simply a dream. It’s freaky, but that’s the reason we start believing in the alternate reality of human kind.

Do we even really exist or are we just another form of God’s hallucinations? If we exist in reality then what is the purpose of our existence? Wait. Does God even exist? I would probably classify these questions as part of the 3rd degree torture style. They inflict instant pain in the deepest corners of your brains, they make your senses go numb & last but not the least they bring you to a complete standstill.

At that point in life your mind is empty, even the most imaginative person in this world cannot describe that feeling. The fear, the terror, the beauty of not having an answer to the question of our existence makes it so pure.

Let me make this a little more interesting. Answer these questions in your head.

  • what are you doing right now?
  • why are you reading this?
  • why does it motivate you?
  • why do you want to do something great?
  • why do you want to earn a lot of money?

You have an answer to every question I ask, but do you know what you really want from life? Is it money? is it a beautiful girl? Is it the well being of other people or simply fame that you seek? Well let’s assume for you it’s money. Imagine I gave you all the money in the world that you could ever dream of. That probably got your eyebrows up, but did that answer your basic question of why you are here, the reason of your true existence?

These wants are simply self-defined goals that we possess in our heads cause the human mind is incapable of comprehending our true nature. It cannot differentiate between being in a dream or being in our so called reality.

What is reality? I keep hearing people around me say all the time, get real my friend, be practical. I have one question. How practical or real does our existence sound? Does a billion people worshipping hundreds of God’s sound practical or real from any aspect? The fact that we believe in the supernatural makes us the most impractical & unreal organism on this planet by default. I do not deny the existence of God. I believe in him more than anyone would, but I believe in the reality, that there is no reality.

All I understand of the place we are in today, is that we have many choices to make. Whether we live in a dream or the present, we always have choices that define the people we want to be. It does not matter whether you believe in the existence of God or not, whether you live in a reality or a dream. All you need to understand is that if we could exist & the history that we humans have lived through is really true, then there is nothing in the world that is impractical, unreal, unbelievable or bullshit!

Everything is as real as it’s not. Now I ask you this question again.
What if this is a dream? What if tomorrow will be a dream. What if…yesterday was also a dream?


A Spiritual Reflection

out_of_body_experience_by_districtaliens-d6ubzawThere comes a point in every individual’s life where your inner soul that controls the mind & body tries to test your limits. It takes you to levels you have have never envisioned before, it takes you to that point where you just cannot handle anything. It’ll make you ask yourself…is this reality or simply a dream. Numb is what you feel & time is simply stuck. You keep questioning your inner self, whether this is how life is or is this the beginning of something bad.

When you reach this stage, the only thing your soul wants is to rush out of the human body & give you a reflection of what your journey has been about. It is a moment of realization, a moment of truth which makes you feel that time is limited in life & being stuck in a hallucination all your life is not option.

It tries to communicate with the human self as it knows that we have no control over our minds or bodies. The visions it shows you do not foretell your future, but make you realize that everything is simply made of moments, bad moments, good moments & it’s simply upto you to choose the ones you want to live.

If you bear enough willpower you can change every moment there ever will come & live the life you always dreamt of. The trick is to simply believe that everything around you is a dream. That’s the irony.

When you experience a hallucigenic drug while lazing away at the beach, it’s your choice to make whether you want to lose yourself to the beautiful skies, oceans & melodious birds around or simply fear the worst & turn it into a horrible nightmare. That’s how our lives are, we are the sole individuals who have the choice to be what we want to, see what we want to & learn from every single moment of our life.

When you are stuck in a negative frame of mind, just believe in yourself & assure yourself that only you have the power to change what you feel & see & no one else.

It is then that you realize that all your life you were simply stuck in a hallucination & now it’s time to wake up from that bad dream!

There is no darkness but ignorance

black_wallpaper_20-1920x1200A color of the God’s, a color of the Evil. A color of fear, a color of creativity. Imperceivable, unimaginable, irresistible. It hides, it reveals. It creates, It destroys. A state in which eyes are rendered useless & no one can see, but a few. Those few are the ones who seldom see through their eyes, but often through their imagination. The state in which they are is bliss for those few moments as for them it becomes a living canvas on which they are going to create their future. If eyes could truly see reality, we would have been living in a very different world, a world which would be beautifully crafted by artists & common men who would mold our future into a breathtaking journey.

But in darkness many fear, because that is the moment you lose touch with reality, that is the moment you don’t know whats coming your way, you cannot perceive, you cannot see. All your strength & might fall on their knees into a helpless state. A black hole we may call it because it takes you into various dimensions of our universe, of our existence. Your imagination is not in control because it’s just like a lion freed from a cage, its going to run everywhere possible, attacking everything in its way. That is how our imagination is when you enter the state of darkness. The emotions, the flashes of images, the feeling of people around you cannot be controlled cause that is when you mind is actually imagining, thinking of an alternate reality which very few people have experienced in their lives. It is not a dream nor is it supernatural, its just a part of reality that we have chosen to ignore, chosen to hide, the fear of the unknown deep within ourselves which we try to run away from whenever we encounter it.

The reason that we go through this experience is because we do not understand what is happening when you enter into this dimension, it is when all your inner thoughts are oozing out of your head. All the things that you have done in you life, good or bad start becoming a part of your wild imagination. You feel as if you are caught in a web of guilt & pleasure & nothing is felt but helplessness because there is no escape from it, there’s no clarity on what you are witnessing.

That’s the reason hell is perceived to be as a black & dark state of our minds, but isn’t our universe black? Who said that heaven is white & beautiful? Everything in life is just as black as hell & as black as heaven. In life we have the power to make a choice whether we want to fill the canvas of our life with happiness & bliss or go through the guilt & pain of wrong perceptions.

So are you going to burn in hell or go Knock Knock Knocking on heavens door?

life as we know it

ImageWhen humans were first sent to the earth, they consisted of two kinds, the male & the female. Some say God’s created us, some say science did. From 2 individuals we consist of roughly 7 billion today. Figures seem small, but in actuality its quiet a bit. Looking at these figures it sounds pretty obvious that in whichever corner of the world you go, you are bound to bump into your kind. 

When you are walking along the roadside of a busy area, you see hundreds of people walking around you, running, cycling, strolling, taking their babies for a walk, loud car horns, people yelling, screaming, shouting, socialising etc. To some people that’s life. They spend their lives following their daily routine, discipline, 6am jog, 7am breakfast, 9am work, 1pm lunch, 9pm back home, spend some time with their family & watch the television. It’s the responsibility weight which they have to bear to take care of their family, their children, their parents. Their life moves on every single day as they had planned it. Not very different though. But suddenly one day, while walking down the street, the vision in your eyes blur, you cant hear anything, you feel numb, only smoke all around you and before you know what’s happening, your beautiful life comes to a full stop. Done & finished. All your dreams, wishes just washed away like dirt from your hand. Was this the day you worked day & night for? Was it this moment you had waited all your life for? Was it this life you wanted your family to live? Its sad, but true that most of our lives just end in vain.

The reason of our existence is not defined. It is not written down in a book or a script by God, telling us that this is what we have to do in life. Probably it sounds very vague someone questioning the reason of our existence or why are we actually here, but if we probably halt for a minute from our busy lives and just look at ourselves in the mirror & ask the questions, why are we here? What is it that we have come here for? Who created us? Why did he do it? Probably not even the richest man on this planet can buy that answer. This life that we have got comes with an expiry date. We have a choice, to either make it or just let it pass without making a difference in anyone’s life or your own. 

Humans have created a fence for their way of living, further which we cannot see what’s there, we cannot feel the freedom. We have been taught to live a particular lifestyle, think inside the box and have been restricted from the actual life. This lifestyle has been embedded within us since the time we were born. By having a choice to either buy a red Ferrari or a black one does not imply freedom. By going overseas to study away from your parents is not freedom. Creative people are the ones who are known for thinking outside the box, but do you actually think that many have the power to truly do so? Not all of them do. Cause our lives have been so stuck up to a fixed apartment, a fixed car, a fixed schedule, a fixed everything. The element of surprise, hope, belief is not there anymore. Our minds are so constrained & rigid that they do not possess the powers to think beyond our micro human planned world. 

Do you want to see yourself few years down working all your life, just to earn enough money to survive in this world and one day just depart from this place without leaving your mark on it, without making a difference in someone’s life. I feel sorry to say but I feel this is not what God had in mind before he created the most unimaginable creature on this planet. 
Freedom is in doing what your heart tells you to do . It may sound stupid, it may sound unimaginable, but look at this, did anyone imagine thousands of years ago that today monkeys are going to be siting on cloth made from cotton which rests on four round shaped latex tubes and a machine is going to take them across miles instead of jumping and swinging across trees? If you try to imagine what we were & try to relate it to today, it’s going to be really astonishing and also hilarious. You can’t imagine Christopher Columbus using Google Maps on his Apple iPad to locate country routes. 

This is the outcome of thinking out of the box, being laughed upon, being ridiculed for doing something which someone else would consider impossible. It is overcoming these challenges in life which gives meaning to your life. It may be a simple thing like being scared of heights but still diving from the sky 15000ft above the ground. It has risks, it is a challenge, but if you live life constrained in this tiny little box made by humans all your life sitting on one desk, doing the same thing every single day, avoiding challenges, living in fear, fear of death, fear of losing someone, fear of losing your own life, trust me your life is no different than an animals life which gets slaughtered every single day just to fill peoples stomach . 

Get out of this box created by people around you, live your life the way you want, free yourself from all fears and just listen to what your heart beats for. Life is short, really short. Life today is so uncertain that you probably may not even finish reading this. Love the one who you love the most like there is no tomorrow. Do what you would every single day thinking that these 24hrs are the last ones you’ve got. Forgive & forget. Just love that one special person in your life & be the person who adds meaning to their life & gives them a reason to live ….to exist & the day you start doing that is when your life will actually have meaning, that is the time when you will feel like you exist in this world and are a part of it, you will feel human, your heart will beat for a thousand people and not only for yourself.

This is the point where all your questions about your existence will be answered.
This is the point where your journey to the heavens will be in a Ferrari rather than a Suzuki.

Coming Back To Life

ImageI was walking down a deserted road when suddenly things started to blur, everything around me started to get sucked in the ground. The trees, the animals, lakes, everything that stood beside me was gone & the only thing that remained was the path that I tread on. It was as if I was experiencing some sort of hallucinations & as I walked between the world’s hollow valleys, I could feel from within the fire, slowly engulfing all good that stood in its way. Imagination was too inconsequent a word to use to describe what my eyes had witnessed & that time the only possession that my human soul had was hope & fear, one my shield & the other my enemy.

When we are brought upon this world, hope is the only thing we are born with & fear a mere accomplice. Since the day our eyes witness life, the known hallucination of god, we realize that we are nothing but a miracle & if you do believe in this phenomena that is self-proven then why does anybody every question their potential & capabilities? We are infinite but limited to what our minds perceive because limitation & restraints are 2 factors that have been drilled into our heads from the day of our existence. Self-made barriers refrain our true potential from being utilized to the fullest. This is the moment where hope gets trampled & fear takes over our soul. A moment where we start questioning our own existence & drown into the depths of doubt & failure. It is then we start seeing all good things coming to an end as everything around you starts to get sucked in the ground & the only thing that remains is the path that you tread on.

It is for you to decide whether you want to fear over what’s lost or do you want to pick your shield of hope and tread a path unknown.