Perfect – The Impossible

ImageHave you experienced being perfect, or having the feeling of everything being perfect around you? If yes, then I’m sorry to say you haven’t experienced the joys of life.

What is perfect? is it defined by some law? is it defined by god? or merely a phrase designed by humans to the thing or person or environment which gives them the utmost happiness?

In life nothing is permanent. Friends, family, happiness, sorrow, nothing is permanent. If perfect defined by humans is a state of everything being in order and correct without any flaw then why does change occur? Why is it that change ruins this thin line between being perfect and imperfect? Probably god would know the answer, but again there are people who do not believe in the existence of the almighty. So for those people to understand this beautiful creation of god, let me explain a very common but unheard relation which each one of us go through in our everyday lives at every moment.

God has designed us humans in such a way that to get any sort of happiness or to gain pleasure, we first need to go through the dark side, which is pain. As a friend once explained to me “you know what, in this life, in which we live, we cannot attain the feeling of being satisfied till the time we experience the pain of not being satisfied“. His words echoing in my mind, inspired me to explain this simple relation between pain and pleasure.

I’m sure you must have heard the term ‘Marginal Utility’ which stated that the more you consume a thing the lesser you want to consume more of it. This is directly related to the relation of pain and pleasure. Life is such that one cannot feel the pleasure of having something till the time he does no got through the pain of not having that something.

Coming back to the ‘perfect’ world, in life as I said everything changes, joy and sorrow are a cycle. If something was perfect, then it was in between the thin line of joy and sorrow. Probably at such a level, one would be confused whether he was feeling happy or sad.

God is almighty, we humans today are so greedy that we want to be in the middle of joy and sorrow, which we humans have termed to be the ‘Perfect’ life. They think so wrong. No one can break the cycle of happiness and sorrow, which the almighty has created. If pain is the path to happiness, then it is that way, you cannot experience the joys of life without going through pain. It is against the law of god, which no human can bend nor break. The people who try to be perfect are the ones who suffer, cry and regret at some point of time. Yes it is good to be the best at what you do, with all dedication and by giving your heart and soul in what you do .But attempting to be perfect is something which is just not possible, it only depresses ones mind of something that it has not achieved what it wanted to. No one in this life nor the coming live can define perfect or say ‘look this is perfect’.

Talking about Indian girls and movies. Bollywood is in every Indians heart and soul. Each and every movie that has ever been on screen has touched every Indians heart, and somewhere down the line every Indian tries to relate themselves to the movies they watch, especially women. Movies take you into the world of being ‘Perfect’ which is so envied by every single person sitting in that theater watching that film pass by their eyes, leaving a permanent mark in their heart and mind that ‘why can’t we have a life like this? Why can’t I have such a loving boyfriend who can thrash multiple people at a time like our own Mr.Rajnikanth, who can be as strong as the Bollywood muscular icon John Abraham and who can sing and dance like the playboy Ranbir kapoor? At one point of time even every guy wishes that “Shit man why can’t I be as strong as him? Why can’t I impress girls the way he can? why can’t I do a lot of things like other guys on screen did? Why can’t I have the perfect girl in my life??“

But as you know all this is all too perfect to exist in real life. When reality hits back, all these expectations are the ones that turn into sorrow and depress the human soul that why didn’t god make us perfect? Greed in the form of desperation comes into us and we forget the good things that God has given us and the beautiful people that are there in it. We run behind the ‘Perfect’ everything, just to realize in the end that we have nothing remaining in our lives. Expectations ruin a man. Never keep expectations from anyone or anything. Never envy other people or things. Be happy in what you have and try to achieve the things in life that will make you happy, and in turn do not forget the ones who have helped you climb that trembling ladder, in times of sorrow and in times of joy. Cause they may not be perfect, nor the dream girl you ever wished for, but they are the ones who help you achieve your dreams, turn them to reality and sacrifice everything for your happiness.

There was a foolish lad, who always dreamt of the perfect girl after every Bollywood movie he would watch, who dreamt to be as strong as the hero in it, and every time would leave the cinema hall with a lot of hopes and expectations that “yes one day even I will be like him, even I will have the most beautiful girl in the world” But what does that poor lad understand of hope. Hope is just a term that plays with a persons mind and makes him think that the impossible will happen. It is like a two sided weapon which can conquer either side anytime. It is something that people hold on to, to believe that what they have in their mind will not happen and only the good will happen.

Hope is something that stops the human mind from entering into the cycle of joy and sorrow. But in the end, reality is that without pain there can be no feeling of satisfaction & hope, expectations and being perfect are just terms in minds of the humans that try to deceive this law.

But let me end with a perfect statement: “This law is designed by the perfect almighty in this perfect world, in which nothing can be perfect!!”


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