A State of Trance

ImageWho says that God does not exist? Who says that he does not control our soul, our mind, our body? He exists in the wind, in the music of the flowing water, in the chirp of every bird, in the sweet songs of the Nightingale, in the soft lips of the child which move in prayer before going to bed, in every single breath that we take. God is in every human who can win the hearts of others, bring a smile upon their face, instill hope in them and put them in a state of trance in which they can only feel the pleasures of life.

Music is a drug, which makes one feel like God. It’s a better high than any coke in this world. When you listen to the tune of a song your mind is overwhelmed into that moment in which you cannot feel anything but a superior force controlling your mind & actions, your mind flows into areas that it has never experienced before. With every beat, every increase in the pitch of the tone, your spirits start flowing towards the horizon beyond which nothing has ever been experienced by the sane human mind.

Music frees ones mind of all thoughts but those which it plays. For those few moments you feel you are not the same person, you feel some force is trying to control your mind and you cannot do anything but are just flowing into the world of your imagination. Every beat, every tune, every cheer makes the creator of the music feel like the one…God! The state in which the artist goes cannot be experienced by an ordinary human. The millions of people that he controls through his mind makes him feel that he is the supreme power. Every beat played by him touches the soul of millions and gives him a feeling which no pandit, no priest, no maulvi can ever experience in their lifetime, cause he is the one who gives them a vision of the other dimensions in this world, to explore their imagination and set their minds free, to be where they want to be.

Nothing but music can do such wonders. You don’t need to be on any sort of ecstatic drug to experience this feeling. It is a drug in itself. It just penetrates through your mind, flashing images of this world, which no one has ever experienced before. But when you look at the creator of the music standing hundreds of feet away & above you, like a lone soldier, facing millions of people with a glow on his face and a smile, knowing that he is God to them and he is the one who controls their mind…trust me no human can ever get that feeling which is experienced by him because for all those hours he is out there making us dance to his tunes, he is not a human of any sort, but a God, the creator of music, of our minds & the one who controls our soul. People in today’s times do not lead a happy life even though they possess innumerable sorts of material wealth. But music is something which can rise the spirits of a poor man as well as the rich because the creator of all is one and the minds of both the rich and the poor too are controlled by only one force. It gives you the high which any drug in this world cannot give.

When people are standing in the empty gardens of God with all their sorrows, problems in their hearts and minds…the lights suddenly go off, the heart and mind are not in sync anymore cause the heart can only feel the beats slowly echoing around the empty darkness, the eyes see only a bright flash of light and in a fraction of a second everything changes, the heart starts beating faster & faster as if the end is near, it cannot bear the intensity anymore.

But slowly the lights start fading away, the heart cannot feel the beats of the music anymore, everything around seems to fade, it starts getting cold, the heart is filled with emptiness, the soul feels free and starts departing into the thick darkness of this universe in search of a single ray of light….in search of a single beat!


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