Coming Back To Life

ImageI was walking down a deserted road when suddenly things started to blur, everything around me started to get sucked in the ground. The trees, the animals, lakes, everything that stood beside me was gone & the only thing that remained was the path that I tread on. It was as if I was experiencing some sort of hallucinations & as I walked between the world’s hollow valleys, I could feel from within the fire, slowly engulfing all good that stood in its way. Imagination was too inconsequent a word to use to describe what my eyes had witnessed & that time the only possession that my human soul had was hope & fear, one my shield & the other my enemy.

When we are brought upon this world, hope is the only thing we are born with & fear a mere accomplice. Since the day our eyes witness life, the known hallucination of god, we realize that we are nothing but a miracle & if you do believe in this phenomena that is self-proven then why does anybody every question their potential & capabilities? We are infinite but limited to what our minds perceive because limitation & restraints are 2 factors that have been drilled into our heads from the day of our existence. Self-made barriers refrain our true potential from being utilized to the fullest. This is the moment where hope gets trampled & fear takes over our soul. A moment where we start questioning our own existence & drown into the depths of doubt & failure. It is then we start seeing all good things coming to an end as everything around you starts to get sucked in the ground & the only thing that remains is the path that you tread on.

It is for you to decide whether you want to fear over what’s lost or do you want to pick your shield of hope and tread a path unknown.


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