life as we know it

ImageWhen humans were first sent to the earth, they consisted of two kinds, the male & the female. Some say God’s created us, some say science did. From 2 individuals we consist of roughly 7 billion today. Figures seem small, but in actuality its quiet a bit. Looking at these figures it sounds pretty obvious that in whichever corner of the world you go, you are bound to bump into your kind. 

When you are walking along the roadside of a busy area, you see hundreds of people walking around you, running, cycling, strolling, taking their babies for a walk, loud car horns, people yelling, screaming, shouting, socialising etc. To some people that’s life. They spend their lives following their daily routine, discipline, 6am jog, 7am breakfast, 9am work, 1pm lunch, 9pm back home, spend some time with their family & watch the television. It’s the responsibility weight which they have to bear to take care of their family, their children, their parents. Their life moves on every single day as they had planned it. Not very different though. But suddenly one day, while walking down the street, the vision in your eyes blur, you cant hear anything, you feel numb, only smoke all around you and before you know what’s happening, your beautiful life comes to a full stop. Done & finished. All your dreams, wishes just washed away like dirt from your hand. Was this the day you worked day & night for? Was it this moment you had waited all your life for? Was it this life you wanted your family to live? Its sad, but true that most of our lives just end in vain.

The reason of our existence is not defined. It is not written down in a book or a script by God, telling us that this is what we have to do in life. Probably it sounds very vague someone questioning the reason of our existence or why are we actually here, but if we probably halt for a minute from our busy lives and just look at ourselves in the mirror & ask the questions, why are we here? What is it that we have come here for? Who created us? Why did he do it? Probably not even the richest man on this planet can buy that answer. This life that we have got comes with an expiry date. We have a choice, to either make it or just let it pass without making a difference in anyone’s life or your own. 

Humans have created a fence for their way of living, further which we cannot see what’s there, we cannot feel the freedom. We have been taught to live a particular lifestyle, think inside the box and have been restricted from the actual life. This lifestyle has been embedded within us since the time we were born. By having a choice to either buy a red Ferrari or a black one does not imply freedom. By going overseas to study away from your parents is not freedom. Creative people are the ones who are known for thinking outside the box, but do you actually think that many have the power to truly do so? Not all of them do. Cause our lives have been so stuck up to a fixed apartment, a fixed car, a fixed schedule, a fixed everything. The element of surprise, hope, belief is not there anymore. Our minds are so constrained & rigid that they do not possess the powers to think beyond our micro human planned world. 

Do you want to see yourself few years down working all your life, just to earn enough money to survive in this world and one day just depart from this place without leaving your mark on it, without making a difference in someone’s life. I feel sorry to say but I feel this is not what God had in mind before he created the most unimaginable creature on this planet. 
Freedom is in doing what your heart tells you to do . It may sound stupid, it may sound unimaginable, but look at this, did anyone imagine thousands of years ago that today monkeys are going to be siting on cloth made from cotton which rests on four round shaped latex tubes and a machine is going to take them across miles instead of jumping and swinging across trees? If you try to imagine what we were & try to relate it to today, it’s going to be really astonishing and also hilarious. You can’t imagine Christopher Columbus using Google Maps on his Apple iPad to locate country routes. 

This is the outcome of thinking out of the box, being laughed upon, being ridiculed for doing something which someone else would consider impossible. It is overcoming these challenges in life which gives meaning to your life. It may be a simple thing like being scared of heights but still diving from the sky 15000ft above the ground. It has risks, it is a challenge, but if you live life constrained in this tiny little box made by humans all your life sitting on one desk, doing the same thing every single day, avoiding challenges, living in fear, fear of death, fear of losing someone, fear of losing your own life, trust me your life is no different than an animals life which gets slaughtered every single day just to fill peoples stomach . 

Get out of this box created by people around you, live your life the way you want, free yourself from all fears and just listen to what your heart beats for. Life is short, really short. Life today is so uncertain that you probably may not even finish reading this. Love the one who you love the most like there is no tomorrow. Do what you would every single day thinking that these 24hrs are the last ones you’ve got. Forgive & forget. Just love that one special person in your life & be the person who adds meaning to their life & gives them a reason to live ….to exist & the day you start doing that is when your life will actually have meaning, that is the time when you will feel like you exist in this world and are a part of it, you will feel human, your heart will beat for a thousand people and not only for yourself.

This is the point where all your questions about your existence will be answered.
This is the point where your journey to the heavens will be in a Ferrari rather than a Suzuki.


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