There is no darkness but ignorance

black_wallpaper_20-1920x1200A color of the God’s, a color of the Evil. A color of fear, a color of creativity. Imperceivable, unimaginable, irresistible. It hides, it reveals. It creates, It destroys. A state in which eyes are rendered useless & no one can see, but a few. Those few are the ones who seldom see through their eyes, but often through their imagination. The state in which they are is bliss for those few moments as for them it becomes a living canvas on which they are going to create their future. If eyes could truly see reality, we would have been living in a very different world, a world which would be beautifully crafted by artists & common men who would mold our future into a breathtaking journey.

But in darkness many fear, because that is the moment you lose touch with reality, that is the moment you don’t know whats coming your way, you cannot perceive, you cannot see. All your strength & might fall on their knees into a helpless state. A black hole we may call it because it takes you into various dimensions of our universe, of our existence. Your imagination is not in control because it’s just like a lion freed from a cage, its going to run everywhere possible, attacking everything in its way. That is how our imagination is when you enter the state of darkness. The emotions, the flashes of images, the feeling of people around you cannot be controlled cause that is when you mind is actually imagining, thinking of an alternate reality which very few people have experienced in their lives. It is not a dream nor is it supernatural, its just a part of reality that we have chosen to ignore, chosen to hide, the fear of the unknown deep within ourselves which we try to run away from whenever we encounter it.

The reason that we go through this experience is because we do not understand what is happening when you enter into this dimension, it is when all your inner thoughts are oozing out of your head. All the things that you have done in you life, good or bad start becoming a part of your wild imagination. You feel as if you are caught in a web of guilt & pleasure & nothing is felt but helplessness because there is no escape from it, there’s no clarity on what you are witnessing.

That’s the reason hell is perceived to be as a black & dark state of our minds, but isn’t our universe black? Who said that heaven is white & beautiful? Everything in life is just as black as hell & as black as heaven. In life we have the power to make a choice whether we want to fill the canvas of our life with happiness & bliss or go through the guilt & pain of wrong perceptions.

So are you going to burn in hell or go Knock Knock Knocking on heavens door?


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