A Spiritual Reflection

out_of_body_experience_by_districtaliens-d6ubzawThere comes a point in every individual’s life where your inner soul that controls the mind & body tries to test your limits. It takes you to levels you have have never envisioned before, it takes you to that point where you just cannot handle anything. It’ll make you ask yourself…is this reality or simply a dream. Numb is what you feel & time is simply stuck. You keep questioning your inner self, whether this is how life is or is this the beginning of something bad.

When you reach this stage, the only thing your soul wants is to rush out of the human body & give you a reflection of what your journey has been about. It is a moment of realization, a moment of truth which makes you feel that time is limited in life & being stuck in a hallucination all your life is not option.

It tries to communicate with the human self as it knows that we have no control over our minds or bodies. The visions it shows you do not foretell your future, but make you realize that everything is simply made of moments, bad moments, good moments & it’s simply upto you to choose the ones you want to live.

If you bear enough willpower you can change every moment there ever will come & live the life you always dreamt of. The trick is to simply believe that everything around you is a dream. That’s the irony.

When you experience a hallucigenic drug while lazing away at the beach, it’s your choice to make whether you want to lose yourself to the beautiful skies, oceans & melodious birds around or simply fear the worst & turn it into a horrible nightmare. That’s how our lives are, we are the sole individuals who have the choice to be what we want to, see what we want to & learn from every single moment of our life.

When you are stuck in a negative frame of mind, just believe in yourself & assure yourself that only you have the power to change what you feel & see & no one else.

It is then that you realize that all your life you were simply stuck in a hallucination & now it’s time to wake up from that bad dream!


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