Second Thought


Every day is a like a thought in ones head, vanishing without a trace. Few to remember, few to ponder upon. Like a roller coaster with ups and downs, but in a loop which seems to never end. Time is not a dimension of concern, it’s the effort that matters more. We have to choose a road where the destination might be unknown, but the journey is worthwhile. Signs from the universe will guide you through every night, but it is a choice that you have to make. People are the fading horizon on every side, sometimes crossing paths and some throwing light onto another. But the true objective of existence and life cannot be one. There is no one answer to what we seek. With a billion beating hearts and hungry souls walking on the very same floor as you or me, life’s purpose is simple, to live, to exist. We as individuals are not simply called life because we live, it’s called life cause each one of us have a different journey, a different meaning to living and a different perspective to everything we see and feel. So the next time you seek the answer to the very reason of our presence on earth, look within yourself cause the true answer will only be answered by the life in you, your true soul!


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