The Lenses of Life


Sometimes when you wake up from a dream it instills a certain thought in your head. A vision, a clue, a random event you may never be able to relate to. Do you believe it? Or do you doubt your own reality?

Life is such, a little bit of reality blended with equally questionable moments. But what do you believe in is what matters the most. In an instant you may find yourself lost amongst a billion people and on the other hand a content soul amongst a few. It’s the lenses of life that matter the most. Each individual possess the most powerful weapon the mind can possess, it’s called perception. It’s the magic potion of life that each one of us have been gifted with. It’s what makes us unique from one another, makes us more human, because it is when we understand another persons perspective that we expand beyond our own.

A life of luxury is perceived as the ultimate aim for many, but for a few it’s a path filled with moral dilemma. It’s a choice they don’t want to make but have to. When the choices you make are directly related to your satisfaction, then why does the need arise for anyone to build greed for something more? It’s society that creates a mirage of a standard that people need to comply with. Pressures that people need to live with. They confine you to certain behaviours making you no more than every puppet already part of it. A perception which is forced upon each one of us.

Calling India a democratic country is right, but are our people truly democratic? Are the people’s minds free of prejudice and mass behaviour disorder? Do they truly have an identity of their own? A few may argue that our culture is changing and adapting to a more free society. But what about the million other individuals living in remote areas who are untouched by the revolution happening in our cities? Are they are part of it? Or simply the shadow of what’s happening around.

What is the reason behind all this? Is it that the people don’t care or are they simply kept in the dark, blinded by religious mafias and political leaders using them to their advantage. It’s not rocket science. It’s simply a matter of perception, something which has been stolen from our youth by stringent and ridiculous laws. It creates terrorists of highly intelligent individuals and is the reason terrorists groups like ISIS thrive. It’s a web of life in which many get trapped.

In life you always see what you want to. You have the choice to pick the lense of life you want to see.  Today we are comforted by the walls of our home, sitting in secured homes in our cozy beds, but it’s only when you change your lense of life do you realise what is happening around us.

Corruption, crime and terrorism. The three lenses we always refuse to put on. For many it’s just a vision, a clue, or a random event. It’s only when you start believing in the alternate reality around us do we realise that our world is beyond what we wear, where we live or how many of the so called riches we own in life.

So now do you believe in the reality that you live in or do you question it?


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